FlyHighTV Sponsored Riding Team

FlyHighTV is excited to introduce our very own sponsored riding team for 2024. Learn more about our riders below.

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Riley Dillon

22-year-old Canadian wakeboarding star with a snowboard-inspired style. 5-time National champ, mentor, and dedicated to advancing the sport through innovation and guidance

Aleksa Sanchez

Aleksa Sanchez, Miami and Cancun-based multi-sport watersports pro, began wakeboarding and kiteboarding 11 years ago. She's competed in 100+ global events, now an internationally recognized coach and influencer in the watersports scene.

Derek Huntoon (Pontoon)

Derek, a Michigan-based boardsport athlete, turned pro wakeboarder 5 years ago. With a pro model board by Progress Wakeboards, he shifted from competition to film and editing, emphasizing quality and style. He recently won his first long-form winch part, "Pontoon," locally. Derek is excited about his partnership with Flyhigh and the sport's evolving direction.

Peacock Brothers

You probably know them from their popular wakeboard Youtube Channel or their world-wide training camps. Ryan is a three-time British Champion and Liam is a two-time World Champion. Their new training program "Road to Pro" is helping people across the world grow their skills. 

John Haile

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, John is fully immersed in the world of towed watersports. His expertise extends beyond being a professional kneeboarder; John is also a proficient wakeboard instructor, navigating the waters with passion and sharing his extensive knowledge, John hosts an engaging YouTube channel, inviting audiences to join him in discovering the awesome world of towed watersports.

Advanced Riding Team

Check out our up and coming riders in the sport.

Isabella Zulian

I currently live in Gold Coast , Australia. I’ve been Wakeboarding for the last 4 years and absolutely love the sport . I’m predominantly a boat rider , however I do enjoy to ride cable also . My latest achievements have been Jnr Women 2023 Australian Champion also NSW Wakeboard state Champion & 4th in 2023 WWA World Championships in Portugal. My overall goal is to be the best I can be and to also inspire younger riders to join this amazing sport .

Cole Black

I am a wakeboarder from Jackson, Ga.  This is my fifth year of wakeboarding. Throughout my childhood I have always gone to the lake with friends and family. My dad, brother, and his friends were always wakeboarding when we would go out.  It took me many times of trying before I was able to get up on the board but once I figured it out I was hooked.  At 11 years old I knew wakeboarding would be in my future.  So now my main priority is building a name for myself in the sport and becoming a better and more consistent contest rider. My favorite trick is a whirly or wrapped KGB. 

Braden Smithwick

I am a wakeboarder from Washington NC. I started wakeboarding when I was 9 years old and haven't looked back since. Most of my younger career was spent riding behind center console fish boats. Now that I have started riding wake boats in the last 2 years, my riding has taken off. I plan to get on the cable more, so I can advance there! Now, I am working on toe 7s and double back rolls. My favorite trick is a switch heel side Indy 540. The things I love most about wakeboarding is the community, competitions, and memories made on the water! 

Beginning Rider Team

Check out our beginner team that's hyped to ride

Nevin Garber

A 17 year old rider from Dundee Ohio . Nevin rides mostly boat but also enjoys cable. He started boarding when he was 10 but didn't start riding regularly until last year, now his riding has really taken off. He's already locked in a couple new inverts and is looking forward to going all the way to the top and meeting new people along the way.

Mackenzie Mews

An enthusiastic boat wakeboarder from Western Australia who is Progressing in the sport, She on a continuous learning journey. Mackenzie first started in 2020 and wasn’t riding very regularly but got a wake boat in 2022 and has started wanting to push myself by going bigger and trying new stuff. Her thing about wakeboarding is the community and the support from each other, and her favorite trick is a half cab. She is excited for a future which will be full of lots of experiences, excitement, falls and meeting more people along the way.